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The Future is Female Concert

Perrine Virgile

The Future is Female concert.jpg

The Future is Female Concert

I have been extremely happy and fortunate to have been selected by my good friend Tori Letzler as one of the composers for this new concert series called “The Future is Female: A concert celebrating Female composers”.

The fantastic orchestra premiered my piece called “Ten Years”. Here is a bit about the piece itself:

"My mother started teaching me the piano when I was four years old. She was a piano player herself, and used to play the same piece for me every night: Sonata in F minor by Schubert. She gave me her passion for music, and I think that's why it became very important for me to make a career in it."
"10 years ago, she was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away shortly after. The piece I composed for the concert, 'Ten years', is about her fight against the disease, the brutal loss and life after her passing. The piano is the main voice of the piece and is the thread that ties all of these events together, as a reminder of her presence in my life no matter what."